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5 January 2010


I've just discovered & been reading through your website and must compliment you on it's professionalism.

This is just an initial contact to say that I too have a Marston built 1936 Sunbeam Lion of 500cc capacity.

My bike's details are as follows:-
Original registration was ET9441 with eng. no: [ ------ ] & frame no. [ ------ ].

The bike seems to have spent most of it's early years in & around the Rotherham area, at least until 1963.

I acquired the bike back in 1991 as basically a rolling wreck, but all the big bits one needs were there!

I've attached a photo of my 'Beam in its current state but am now looking for some practical help to hopefully get it fired up this year!!

If you want any more details then please ask but I too would welcome some contacts that may be able to assist me.


Adrian Player


Any advice / experience on running a mid-1930s' Lion can be sent to Adrian's e-mail address at: adrian@player61.freeserve.co.uk. I am sure he will appreciate it.


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