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Model Range
Production of the 1915 range continued for most of the year until civilian production was suspended by the British Government's Ministry of Munitions on the 3 November 1916

The the 3 h.p. Standard model continued to be produced for the War Department as a 'General Service' model (engines stamped 'GS'). The 1916 catalogue showed it used for side-car outfits.

Both 6 h.p. and 8 h.p. v-twin machines were listed in the year's catalogue. The former presumably the AKD (Abingdon King Dick) engined machine from the previous year. The 8 h.p. model involved fitting a Swiss MAG engine of 996cc (82x94mm) into the frame of the 6 h.p. machine. These machines  were supplied to various Allied armies as ambulance and armoured (machine gun) outfits.

A belt-driven Sunbeam (the only one ever manufactured) was built to French Government specification. Its 5 h.p. rating was the result of a modified 3 h.p. engine to give a capacity of 550cc (85x96mm) - based on George Dance's pre-war experimentations. The gearbox was also unconventional for Sunbeam, having both primary and final drives together on the nearside of the machine. Robert Cordon Champ refers to a production run of less than 1,000 machines.

* Robert Cordon Champ, 1980, 'The Sunbeam Motorcycle'. Haynes Publishing.
* Robert Cordon Champ, 1989, 'The Illustrated History of Sunbeam Bicycles and Motorcycles'. Haynes Publishing.



T H E   Y E A R ' S   M O D E L S  
3 h.p. Standard model / War Department GS (General Service) model no photo No contemporary photo but Brendan Kelly has kindly provided details of his restored 1916 General Service model.

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3 h.p. TT model - no photo  
6 h.p. (798cc) AKD v-twin model - no photo  
8 h.p. (996cc) MAG v-twin model


Robert Cordon Champ refers to only one known survival of this model, used to drive a saw mill in the UK's Black Country.

Peter Ashen recounts the restoration of his 'White Russian' MAG-engined Sunbeam in the newsletter of the North Birmingham Section of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club. The article is in two parts. The links are below:-



4 h.p. (550cc) French Military model - no photo  

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