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Model Range
Marston produced a striking catalogue for 1914, rather than the simple brochures of the two previous years. It shows winged victory crowning the 2 horse power machine following its success in winning the premier solo award in 1913's A-CU (Auto-Cycle Union) Six Days' Reliability Trial.

A T.T. version of the 3 horse power machine was added to the three model range from the previous year. This illustrated Marston's intention to make its first entry in the T.T. races later in the year.

* Robert Cordon Champ, 1980, 'The Sunbeam Motor Cycle'. Haynes Publishing.

1914 catalogue cover



T H E   Y E A R ' S   M O D E L S  
2 horse power (349cc) model - no photo


6 horse power (770cc) JAP v-twin model


3 horse power (499cc) Standard model


3 horse power (499cc) T.T. model - no photo


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