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Model Range
There was no change from 1924's offering in what Robert Cordon Champ calls 'an impressive catalogue' from Sunbeam.

An experimental over-head camshaft (OHC) machine was entered for the year's Senior and Side-car T.T. races but performed badly and was not developed. A small batch of the 500cc OHC engines was produced along with a single 600cc version for the T.T and an experimental 350cc version for evaluation. The OHC engine was not put into production.

Cycle parts
A front drum brake, introduced for OHV machines the previous year, became standard across the range, even on the Model 7.

Engine and gearbox
[text to be added].

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T H E   Y E A R ' S   M O D E L S :  1 9 2 5  
Model 1: 347cc side-valve


Model 2: 347cc side-valve - no photo  
Model 3: 499cc side-valve (3 h.p. Standard) - no photo  
Model 4 Deluxe: 599cc side-valve - no photo  
Model 5 Light Solo: 499cc side-valve - no photo


Model 6 Longstroke: 492cc side-valve


Model 7: 599cc side-valve - no photo  
'Parallel' Model 8: 347cc OHV - no photo  
'Parallel' Model 9: 493cc OHV - no photo  
Model 10 Sprint: 347cc OHV - no photo  
Model 11 Sprint: 493 OHV  - no photo


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