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Model Range
As in 1929, the model range included side-valves in 347cc and 492cc versions. Each was available in touring and sporting trim. For the 347cc, Model 1 was the touring version, Model 2 the sports. For the 492cc, Model 5 was the touring version, Model 6 the sports.

The 596cc, side-valve Model 7 flat tank motor cycle remained available.

The ICI-branded 'Lion' was a mid-season introduction to the side-valve range. Its pared-down-to-a-price appearance included a chrome tank with black panels, and Webb-style, centrally sprung, front forks. It was to become the basis of the factory's future side-valve range.

Models 8 and 9 are the 347cc and 493cc OHV machines, respectively. Each was available as a sporting version - the Model 80 and Model 90.

A speedway motor cycle was also introduced, based around the Model 9 engine.

Cycle parts
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Engine and gearbox
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1930 catalogue cover

Model 1 (347cc side-valve)

Model 2 (347cc side-valve)

Model 5 (492cc side-valve)


Model 6 (492cc side-valve)

Lion (492cc side-valve)

Model 8 (347cc OHV)

Model 80 (347cc OHV)

Model 9 (493cc OHV)

Model 90 (493cc OHV)

Speedway Model (493cc OHV)

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Model 7 (flat tank, 596cc side-valve)

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