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Model Range
The 350cc OHV Model 10, introduced the previous year, is included within the season's catalogue but is phased out during the year.

Both the side-valve Lion and OHV Model 9 are available in 500cc and 600cc versions. The 500cc Lion is re-named the Model 6A, whilst the 600c Lion replaces the flat-tank Model 7 and is called the Model 7A. This is the final year that the flat tank Model 7 is available from stock.

Cycle parts
There is a return to the all-black, gold-lined petrol tank after the previous year's use of a chrome plated tank with black panels.

The rear mudguard acquires a hinge, and additional lower stay, to allow easy removal of the back wheel. Front and rear wheels are designed to be interchangeable, which requires a redesign of the front forks. The 'dog leg' fork is introduced on all models except the Model 10.

Engine and gearbox
The side-valve Lion engine is redesigned appearing in 500cc and 600cc versions. Most noticeably, it gets a detachable cylinder head, and the side valves are enclosed within a protective box. Its exhaust pipe is increased from 1 inch to 1 inch.

A 4-speed gearbox is introduced. The push-rod clutch mechanism with its cast bridge is also replaced. A quick thread clutch mechanism is introduced on the near-side (primary drive) side of the machine.

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Model 10 (344cc OHV)



Model 6A Lion (492cc side-valve)



Model 7A Lion (598cc side-valve)



Model 9 (493cc OHV)



Model 90 (493cc OHV)

Model 9A (596cc OHV)


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