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Model Range
Seven models are listed for the start of 1933. The side-valve 'Lion' was available in 500cc and 600cc versions, as was the OHV Model 9. The latter was also available in the more sporting 'TT Replica' specification as the Model 90, although the works' last involvement in road racing had been 1930.

The two new additions to the range were introduced through the return of the 350cc OHV Model 8 in standard and Model 80 high-performance versions. It was available with a 3-speed gearbox, whereas the rest of the range had seen a 4-speed 'box introduced the previous year. Other features appear to be as standard for the 1933 range.

Cycle Parts
Models were now supplied without rear chaincases unless ordered at extra cost.

The detachable rear carrier with toolbag panniers could be substituted for a pillion seat with an alternative triangular toolbag fitted on the left chain-stay. A new-style rear carrier, combining the rear lifting handle, is introduced during 1933. It replaces the carrier used from 1930.

Engine and gearbox
1933 models have a revised version of the 1932-style, quick thread clutch mechanism on the near-side (front chain case) side of the machine. This had been introduced with the 4-speed gearbox of the previous year.

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Model 8 (346cc OHV)



Model 80 (346cc OHV)

'Lion' (492cc SV)

'Lion' (599cc SV)

Model 9 (493cc OHV)


Model 9 (596cc OHV)

Model 90 (493cc OHV)

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