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Model range
For 1936 a new Model 9 Sports was introduced with a high compression engine, sports 'guards and handlebars. It replaced the Model 95 as the sporting machine in the range.

The distinctive 250cc OHV model introduced in 1935 was dropped, with the return of the 1934-style OHV Model. This was aimed to take advantage of the taxation threshold for smaller machines.

With the addition of these two new models the range consisted of seven machines - the others being the 350cc OHV Model 8, along with the side-valve Lion and OHV Model 9 in both 500cc and 600cc incarnations.

Frame and cycle parts
A duplex cradle frame was introduced for all but the two 600cc models, which remained unchanged.

8 in. brake drums, previously the preserve of the sporting Model 95, were added to all the 500cc machines.

New 'domed' flared mudguards were introduced 'to provide greater protection', as was a prop stand.

Engine and gearbox
All engines are single port.

A four-speed Burman gear box, with foot change, became standard across the range except for the two 600cc models. This had the effect of moving the final drive to the near-side of the machine and the exhaust to the off-side.

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1936 catalogue cover

250cc OHV Model

Model 8 (350cc OHV)

500cc Side-valve Lion Longstroke

600cc Side-valve Lion Longstroke

Model 9 (500cc OHV)

Model 9 (600cc OHV)

Model 9 Sports


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